Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 21, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SUE GRAFTON, M IS FOR MALICE — Other human beings have all these hotly held opinions, habits, and mannerisms,... not to mention... food preferences, passions,... emotional fixations, and attitudes that in no way coincide with the correct ones, namely yours.

Clues and answers

A.Butler in "Remains of the Day"STEVENS
B.Outrageous; without precedent (hyph.)UNHEARDOF
C.Election day news (2 wds.)EXITPOLL
D.Suitcase named for a prime ministerGLADSTONE
E.Creator of "The Age of Bronze"RODIN
F.Shepherd who prophesied circa 760 B.C.AMOS
G.Six feet, nauticallyFATHOM
H.Sensation of ringing in the earsTINNITUS
I.Study of the origin and meaning of namesONOMASTICS
J.Element used as a coolant in lasersNEON
K.Illegally distilled corn liquor (2 wds.)MOUNTAINDEW
L.Lilliputian (hyph.)ITSYBITSY
M.Open carriage drawn by a single horseSTANHOPE
N.Out of order, cockeyed, askewFLOOEY
O.Single (2 wds., hyph.)ONEBASEHIT
P.Category for oenophiles (2 wds.)RHINEWINE
Q.Dwelling for a lover of travel (2 wds.)MOTORHOME
S.Mythical measurer of life spansLACHESIS
T.The color of bloodINCARNADINE
U.Lady who loved a gamekeeperCHATTERLEY
V.Peptides in the brain resembling opiatesENDORPHINS
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