Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 20, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(CYRANO) DE BERGERAC, THE OTHER WORLD — [Y]oung people of [the moon]... can have thirty books in their pockets or hanging on the pommels of their saddles. They... need only wind a spring to hear one... . I attached... books to my ears as pendants and went for a walk in town.

Clues and answers

A.Real swordsman fictionalized in Dumas novelsDARTAGNAN
B.Conjuring upEVOKING
C.Fruit that Jules Verne described for the unacquaintedBANANA
D.Harald Bluetooth or Gustave Eiffel, e.g.EPONYM
E.The study of the noseRHINOLOGY
F.What's implied by "Three's a crowd" (2 wds.)GETLOST
G.Consequence of some wooingELOPEMENT
H.In the form of a diamondRHOMBIC
I.Attribute of a mot juste, felicityAPTNESS
J.First name of this quote's authorCYRANO
K.Didn't work; went viral (2 wds.)TOOKOFF
L.Vintage amateur radio brandHEATHKIT
M.One whose account may be creditedEYEWITNESS
N.Interrogative challenge (2 wds.)OHYEAH
O.Thin slices of pizza or pieTWELFTHS
P.Xena or Roxane, e.g.HEROINE
Q.With R., author who wrote about J.EDMOND
S.Etagere; miscellaneous itemsWHATNOT
T.Not in favorOPPOSED
U.Flash Gordon's ride to the planet Mongo (2 wds.)ROCKETSHIP
V.Native of this quote's settingLUNARIAN
W.Negative aspectDOWNSIDE
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