Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 20, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PHYLLIS ROSE: (THE YEAR OF) READING PROUST — I am a narrative junkie. I consume stories in all forms. TV shows, novels, dreams, newspaper accounts of kidnappings, murders, heroism, panic, disaster: they all feed the habit. In a way they're all the same.... I need [my] daily fix.

Clues and answers

A.Title heroine of a Samuel Richardson tale, 1740PAMELA
B.Miss ___, Dickens woman in perpetual wedding dressHAVISHAM
C.Sensationally morbid and offensiveYELLOW
D.Upon first meeting Robin Hood he "tumbl'd him into the brook" (2 wds.)LITTLEJOHN
E.Florentine monk in a Browning poemLIPPI
F.Author of "Seven Gothic Tales" (2 wds.)ISAKDINESEN
G.Under lock and keySAFE
H.Work as a criticREVIEW
I.Egyptian site yielding many ancient literary papyriOXYRHYNCHUS
J.Geographical heptadSEAS
K.Dryad who was killed by a snake while fleeing the advances of AristaeusEURYDICE
L.Prince of Abyssinia in a Samuel Johnson romanceRASSELAS
M.Area associated with Cockneys (2 wds.)EASTEND
N.Be a good listenerATTEND
O.Be a poor listener (2 wds.)DRIFTOFF
P.Town known as the Capital of the HighlandsINVERNESS
Q.Hero in much of Hemingway's short fiction (2 wds.)NICKADAMS
R.One of a pair of storytelling brothersGRIMM
S.In Shakespeare, the disguised Balthazar's true identityPORTIA
T.Police car featureRADIO
U.John Irving title character (2 wds.)OWENMEANY
W.French leftist who declined a Nobel Prize in 1964SARTRE
X.Costumed crime-fighter created by Lee Falk (2 wds.)THEPHANTOM
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