Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 2, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DON VAN NATTA, FIRST OFF THE TEE (PRESIDENTIAL HACKERS, DUFFERS, AND CHEATERS FROM TAFT TO BUSH) — Hours after taking... office, Kennedy was astonished to discover thousands of small cleat marks in the Oval Office's... floor, leading a pockmarked trail from... the desk to the South Lawn, and Ike's... custom-built putting green.

Clues and answers

A.Shooter of rounds whose score is too highDUFFER
B.Lover no longer (2 wds.)OLDFLAME
C."I'll pass" (2 wds.)NOTHANKS
D.It might produce bad spellingVOODOO
E.The antithesis of selfishnessALTRUISM
F.Imparter of great loft to a shotNIBLICK
G.Things a belonephobe might fearNEEDLES
H.Intentional insultAFFRONT
I.Slayer of Procrustes and the MinotaurTHESEUS
J.Toper, sot, elbow-benderTOSSPOT
K.Flower head with an edible heartARTICHOKE
L.Where drives might terminateFAIRWAY
M.Slight hint; vague ideaINKLING
N.Voided, annulled, withdrawnREVOKED
O.Hit to the side instead of straightSHANKED
P.Push forcibly; NASA engineer's calculationTHRUST
Q.Excluded from societyOUTCAST
R.Ship's wreckage bobbing on the wavesFLOTSAM
S.Pole planted in a cupFLAGSTICK
T.Hard to chewTOUGH
U.Equalizing advantage in competitionHANDICAP
V.Make into lawENACT
W.Noted sportsman who describes himself as "Cablinasian" (2 wds.)TIGERWOODS
X.South African who won the British Open in 2002 (2 wds.)ERNIEELS
Y.1816 novel that inspired the movie "Clueless"EMMA
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