Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 19, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


STEFAN FATSIS, WORD FREAK — [M]y... Q... is a Trojan horse. Sure, it and the Z are the only tiles worth [ten] points, but clinging to the Q... prevents you from drawing letters that offer a fresh chance for a bingo. A lingering Q is like an unwanted houseguest....

Clues and answers

A.Frantically claw or gropeSCRABBLE
B.Instrument of indefinite pitchTRIANGLE
C.Balance; counterweightEQUIPOISE
D.Period for WimbledonFORTNIGHT
E.Radio telescope or satellite dish, e.g.ANTENNA
F.Deserving of attentionNOTEWORTHY
G."Ode to Joy," vis-a-vis Beethoven's Ninth SymphonyFINALE
H.Common aquarium denizenANGELFISH
I.Metallic element having the highest melting pointTUNGSTEN
J.Defraud, as a customerSHORTCHANGE
K.Search for answersINQUIRE
L.Have a demulcent effectSOOTHE
M.Large sailing shipWINDJAMMER
N.What Montezuma was in 1520OVERTHROWN
O.Plastic surgery of the noseRHINOPLASTY
P.Aerial altercationDOGFIGHT
Q.Saint's day celebrationFIESTA
R.One taking stock?RUSTLER
S.Faux, artificialERSATZ
T.Roman construction still in use in Segovia, SpainAQUEDUCT
U.Central supporting elementKEYSTONE
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