Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 15, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GEORGE GAMOW, (THE) GREAT PHYSICISTS (FROM GALILEO TO EINSTEIN) — [A]fter dinner, Bohr suggested... working on a crossword.... It did not go... well and... we all... [went] to sleep. At some unknown hour..., a muffled voice [came] through the door: "[T]he English... city with seven letters, ending in ich is Ipswich!"

Clues and answers

A.Florida rivals of Georgia's BulldogsGATORS
B.Motorcycle marathon raceENDURO
C.Minus column's bottom line (hyph.)OUTFLOW
D.Most trusted, as a helper (hyph.)RIGHTHAND
E.Like many tenets in "The Da Vinci Code"GNOSTIC
F.How people with Williams Syndrome are often describedELFIN
G.Literally "work together," from Chinese, term first used by Marines in 1942 (hyph.)GUNGHO
H.Made no bones about assertingAVOWED
I.Failure of epic proportionsMELTDOWN
J.Danish birthplace of Hans Christian AndersenODENSE
K."Shane" or "High Noon" setting (2 wds.)WILDWEST
L.Role for Jim Carrey in green makeupGRINCH
M.One of two sisters in a Grimm Brothers fairy tale (2 wds.)ROSERED
N.Alloy of gold and silverELECTRUM
O.Tactic whereby Bonnie and Clyde met their demiseAMBUSH
P.Characteristic of one easily insulted THINSKIN
Q.Form of English used in JamaicaPATOIS
R.Nickname of fielding great Brooks Robinson, because his glove sucked up everything hit in his directionHOOVER
S.Stereotype exemplified by Gomer PyleYOKEL
T.Basic jump in figure skatingSALCHOW
U.Happening soon (3 wds.)INTHEWIND
V.Group of young penguinsCRECHE
W.Use a tab, perhapsINDENT
X.Glass for serving Cognac or Grand MarnierSNIFTER
Y.Crepuscular, duskyTWILIT
Z.Concern for tunnel buildersSEEPAGE
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