Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 13, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


D(INTY). W. MOORE, SON OF MR. GREEN JEANS — After the female Japanese carp gives birth to hundreds of tiny babies, the father carp remains nearby. When he senses approaching danger, he sucks the... babies into his mouth, and holds them there until the coast is clear.

Clues and answers

A.Hel, to Loki, or Gaea, to ChaosDAUGHTER
B.Painter in 1871 of a revered progenitorWHISTLER
C.Painter in 1950 of "Beasts of the Sea"MATISSE
D.Egg-containing capsule, as an oothecaOVISAC
E.One's immediate descendantsOFFSPRING
F.Exemplar of fertilityRABBIT
G.Group of people with a common race or cultureETHNOS
H.Marine creature of which the male becomes pregnant (2 wds.)SEAHORSE
I.Deprived of key guardiansORPHANED
J.Arouser of a Nabokovian sortNYMPHET
K.King with a matrilineal problemOEDIPUS
L.New members of schoolsFRESHMEN
M.Title king with a "fiend-like queen"MACBETH
N.Wife of Boaz and ancestor of DavidRUTH
O.Student of DNA and heredityGENETICIST
P.Place to see a mudder and fodder?RACETRACK
Q.Jazz pianist called "Fatha" (2 wds.)EARLHINES
R.Egg-laying mammal of AustraliaECHIDNA
S.Newborn in its first 28 daysNEONATE
U.In old Greece, a youth entering manhoodEPHEBUS
V.Deity born fully grown from Zeus' headATHENA
W.Caretaker for beasts in a fieldNEATHERD
X.Time to stop workingSABBATH
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