Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 11, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MICHAEL POLLAN, SECOND NATURE — Preparing a bed for roses is... like getting the house ready for the arrival of a difficult old lady, some biddy with aristocratic pretensions and persnickety tastes. You want as little cause for complaint as possible.

Clues and answers

A.Drink served in a Champagne fluteMIMOSA
B.Decorative art brought to Japan with BuddhismIKEBANA
C."The ___ sang/And set the Sun/And Workmen finished one by one" (Emily Dickinson)CRICKETS
D.Advocates of floral potency?HIPPIES
E.Condition in xeric climesARIDITY
F.The 22nd of April (2 wds.)EARTHDAY
G.Remove, as the tops of shrubbery (2 wds.)LOPOFF
H.Ovary + style + stigmaPISTIL
I.Reverse, nullifyOVERTURN
J."Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year" songwriterLOESSER
K.Feature of a pergolaLATTICE
L.Source of wood for baseball bats (2 wds.)ASHTREE
N.End result of petrificationSTONE
O.What Brits mean by "aubergine"EGGPLANT
P.Fell (2 wds.)CUTDOWN
Q.Vanilla plants are one variety of theseORCHIDS
R.Business patronized by gardenersNURSERY
S."... I saw a crowd,/A host, of golden ___" (Wordsworth)DAFFODILS
T.Containing element #7NITRIC
U.Cowlick-sporting, off-key crooner in "Our Gang" shortsALFALFA
V.Beside a roaring fireplace, sayTOASTY
X.Natural hip-hop artists?RABBITS
Y.Flower protected by law in SwitzerlandEDELWEISS
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