Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 1, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(HILARY) MANTEL, BRING UP THE BODIES — Where to begin with Cromwell? Some start with his sharp little eyes, some... with his hat. ... Wherever they begin, the... impact is the same: if he had a grievance against you, you wouldn't like to meet him at the dark of the moon.

Clues and answers

A.Mode of travel involving a teamMUSHING
B.Completely covered as if by a floodAWASH
C.Hugo or Nebula Award categoryNOVELETTE
D.1950 movie musical's title song (3 wds.)TEAFORTWO
E.Pizza party portions, oftenEIGHTHS
F.Just before the deadline (hyph.)LASTMINUTE
G.Something huge or powerfulBEHEMOTH
H.The Thrilla in Manila, for oneREMATCH
I.How Abraham Lincoln and Jimi Hendrix diedINTESTATE
J.James ____, the inventor of basketballNAISMITH
K.Brewery takeout order; small icebergGROWLER
L.City east of The HagueUTRECHT
M.Apartment door security featurePEEPHOLE
N."The Piano Has Been Drinking" singer (2 wds.)TOMWAITS
O.Class in combat sportsHEAVYWEIGHT
P.Stone with the appearance of a crude toolEOLITH
Q.Jersey or Guernsey, administrativelyBAILIWICK
R.As a question, a schoolyard retort; as a statement, cheering support (2 wds.)OHYEAH
S.Like Austin Powers in styleDANDYISH
T.Completely caught up; underwaterIMMERSED
U.Hundred Acre Wood pessimistEEYORE
V.Risk factor for sleep disorders (2 wds.)SHIFTWORK
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