Acrostic Solution for Sunday, May 1, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(HOPE) DONAHUE, BEAUTIFUL STRANGER — In the paintings of Flemish masters, women lounged like plump... felines, showing off pre-Raphaelite ringlets, generous noses, thin lips, and white skin. Today... [they] would be... considered fat, pasty, frizzy-haired, and unattractive.

Clues and answers

A.Visiting lecturer or museum guideDOCENT
B.Out of working order (3 wds.)ONTHEFRITZ
C.1846 work by "The Peaceable Kingdom" artist Edward Hicks (2 wds.)NOAHSARK
D.Birthplace of Frans Hals and Anthony Van DyckANTWERP
E.1489 artist of "St. Ursula Shrine" in Bruges (2 wds.)HANSMEMLING
F.Far from pretty (3 wds.)UGLYASSIN
G.Lovely to look at (4 wds.)EASYONTHEEYES
H.Watercolorist's technical skillBRUSHWORK
I.Stout-prickled rose also called a sweetbrierEGLANTINE
J.What most diners bring to the tableAPPETITE
K.Like hair piled atop the headUPSWEPT
L.Insertion of words between parts of a compound, as in "fan-bloody-tastic"TMESIS
M.Acting like PuckIMPISH
N.What the Grangerfords shared with the Shepherdsons in "Huckleberry Finn"FEUD
O.Center of the Medici art collectionUFFIZI
P.Storied cricket ground in St. John's WoodLORDS
Q.One sort of watercolor (2 wds.)STILLLIFE
R.Blackjack (hyph.)TWENTYONE
S.Dressing named for California's Hidden Valley resortRANCH
T.Very highALPINE
U.Did some thinking, slangilyNOODLED
V.The handwriting on the wall?GRAFFITO
W.Went for a whirlEDDIED
X.Drop-dead gorgeousRAVISHING
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