Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 9, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOEL GLENN) BRENNER, (THE) EMPERORS OF CHOCOLATE — [It] was ... customary to eat a Hershey Almond bar by biting the letter H first, and then the ... Y, and then the E and the R, leaving behind the SHE. No one knew why .... Like playing hopscotch ..., it was part of growing up in the U.S.A.

Clues and answers

A.Self-satisfied conformist to middle-class idealsBABBITT
B.Anti-wrinkle application (hyph.)RETINA
C.Amendment banning cruel and unusual punishmentEIGHTH
D.Dapper, smartly trimNATTY
E.Film genre for Truffaut and Godard (2 wds.)NEWWAVE
F.Component of natural gasETHANE
G.Cheese made from wheyRICOTTA
H.Actor who was Uncle Albert in "Mary Poppins" (2 wds.)EDWYNN
I.Famed product of Carrara, ItalyMARBLE
J.Notable lack in "Our Town"PROPS
K.Enciphering machine used by Germany in W.W. IIENIGMA
L.Second-rate; small-time (hyph.)RINKYDINK
M.Pontiac's tribeOTTAWA
N.Cut-and-paste job; uninspired versionREHASH
O.The first American in spaceSHEPARD
P.Large-eyed and solemnOWLISH
Q.Herb with aniselike seedsFENNEL
R.___ Cathedral, famous example of Gothic architecture, begun in 1248COLOGNE
S.Strictly confidential (hyph.)HUSHHUSH
T.Singer on the 1960's folk-club sceneODETTA
U.English home of the World Croquet FederationCHESHIRE
V.Precisely (3 wds.)ONTHEDOT
W.Nickname for baseball's Robert Moses GroveLEFTY
X.Payments at fixed intervalsANNUITY
Y.What cuisses and tuilles were worn to protectTHIGHS
Z.Domain of the MamelukesEGYPT
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