Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 8, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


M[ARGARET] D. LOWMAN: LIFE IN THE TREETOPS — [T]wisting vines travel hundreds of meters atop the canopy;... strangler figs wrap around host trees and suffocate them; bromeliad tanks provide watery homes for frogs and salamanders.... the lives of plants are full of... mystery....

Clues and answers

A.Noted painter of odalisquesMATISSE
B.Inflatable life raftDINGHY
C.Particle interacting through the weak forceLEPTON
D.Sheer, crisp cotton materialORGANDY
E.Ontario city across the river from DetroitWINDSOR
F.Necessities, requirementsMUSTS
G.Displaying rustic modesty (hyph.)AWSHUCKS
H.Close shave (2 wds.)NEARMISS
I.Lake Como's regionLOMBARDY
J.Architect of Egypt's pyramid of DjoserIMHOTEP
K."The better part of valor is discretion" speakerFALSTAFF
L.Popular IMAX adventure filmEVEREST
M.Briefly, to summarize (2 wds.)INSHORT
N.Radical movement of the 1960's-70's (2 wds.)NEWLEFT
O.More or less equal exchange (hyph.)TRADEOFF
P.Three-dimensional imageHOLOGRAM
Q.Elia Kazan film of 1955 (3 wds.)EASTOFEDEN
R.Cloverleaf designTREFOIL
S.Paul Robeson's alma materRUTGERS
T.Book read from the Megillah on PurimESTHER
U.Pleasant-sounding pop music (2 wds.)EARCANDY
V.Tormented grandfather of King AtreusTANTALUS
W.Rubber checkOVERDRAFT
X.1904 Physiology NobelistPAVLOV
Y.Muttonfish or schoolmasterSNAPPER
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