Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 7, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


FRANCIS CRICK, WHAT MAD PURSUIT — When the right idea... clicks into place, one immediately sees how many previously puzzling facts are neatly explained by the new hypothesis.... One could kick oneself for not having the idea earlier, it now seems so obvious.

Clues and answers

A."No gains without pains" writer of 1745FRANKLIN
B.Orlando's lover in "As You Like It"ROSALIND
C.Instant of clear perception (2 wds.)AHAMOMENT
D.First European to win the N.B.A.'s M.V.P. awardNOWITZKI
E.Obsolescent news jobCOPYBOY
F.Weather phenomenon sometimes known as a pogonip (2 wds.)ICEFOG
G.Not easy to discern in the murkSHADOWY
H.Word just before a snap?CHEESE
I.Key disclosure in a screenplay's plotREVEAL
J.Know without reasonINTUIT
K.What one in six may speak inCHINESE
L.Malevolent water spirit of Scottish legendKELPIE
M.Co-winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineWATSON
N."Fatha" of modern jazzHINES
O.Not too fast, as a movementANDANTE
Q.Unruffle the feathers ofMOLLIFY
R.Like Byron after his Hellespont swimAGUISH
S.Semi-filling liquidDIESEL
T.Award for radio and TV meritPEABODY
U.Fast and peppy (hyph.)UPTEMPO
V.Album opening with "Taxman"REVOLVER
W.Subtle power of cognizance (2 wds.)SIXTHSENSE
X."The Battle of San Romano" painterUCCELLO
Y.Breakthrough in brainworkINSIGHT
Z.Do a plucky job?TWEEZE
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