Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 7, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ANGELA) CARTER, EXPLETIVES DELETED — [O]f all creatures we eat, we are most brutal to snails. Helix optera is dug out of the earth..., cracked like an egg, and eaten... alive. ... If God is a snail, Bosch's depictions of Hell are going to look like a vicarage tea-party.

Clues and answers

A.Oscar-nominated film whose sequel was 1990's "The Two Jakes"CHINATOWN
B.Winner of all four majors in tennisAGASSI
C.Event on the Charles RiverREGATTA
D.Arrangement of cards in solitaireTABLEAU
E.Green, disparaginglyECOFREAK
F.Disclosures, surprisesREVELATIONS
G.Blepharoplasty, informally (2 wds.)EYETUCK
H.Shaped like a sword, gladiateXIPHOID
I.What one may "top up" with in EnglandPETROL
J.Ship named for an old Roman province of IberiaLUSITANIA
K.In literature, where "The Murder of Gonzago" was performedELSINORE
L.Organ showpieceTOCCATA
M.World capital designed by a Greek firm in 1960ISLAMABAD
N.Measurement taken with a potentiometerVOLTAGE
O.Indiana home of the RV Hall of FameELKHART
P.Like badlands vegetationSPARSE
Q."Ain't that a shame!"DOGGONE
R.Tangled mat of hairELFLOCKS
S.Hitter of 23 career grand slam homers (2 wds.)LOUGEHRIG
T.With Word "U," construction of puddle iron completed in 1889EIFFEL
V.Where the kroon is currencyESTONIA
W.Hidebound opponent of progress (hyph.)DIEHARD
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