Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 6, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARY) RUEFLE, MADNESS, RACK, AND HONEY — Years ago I read in a magazine that you could hire an interior decorator to come to your house and arrange your books by color in such a way as to coordinate with the color scheme of the particular room they were in.

Clues and answers

A.Unsystematic, chanceRANDOM
B.Titular 1516 coinage meaning "no place"UTOPIA
C.Intended to generate some heatEROTIC
D.Who said "there was too much screaming" in her role (2 wds.)FAYWRAY
E.Source of income for 44 statesLOTTERY
F.Two of seven lumped togetherEURASIA
G.Profession of many a tinkererMECHANIC
H.River crossed by dead peopleACHERON
J.Fluky changer of a tennis ball's path (2 wds.)NETCORD
K.Caravaggio or Bosch work based on John 19:5 (2 wds.)ECCEHOMO
L.Pious advocate of AliSHIITE
M.Japanese for "finger pressure"SHIATSU
N.One backing Charles I in the English Civil WarROYALIST
O.Gully or wash prone to flash floodsARROYO
P.In an omnishamblesCHAOTIC
Q.Big cheese, honcho, heavy hitterKAHUNA
R.Having a golden brilliance; grandiloquentAUREATE
S.Meaning of a ref waving his arms horizontally in front of him (2 wds.)NOGOOD
T.Xerostomia (2 wds.)DRYMOUTH
U.Pianist whose U.S. debut was on 1/12/28 at Carnegie HallHOROWITZ
V.Beverage whose name means "black dragon"OOLONG
W.The gender of itNEUTER
X.Stretched parts on many MasaiEARLOBES
Y.Who said "It gets late early out there" (2 wds.)YOGIBERRA
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