Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 3, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ALEX HORNE, WORD WATCHING — I read and re-read a slim blue book called "Palindromes and Anagrams"... . I was... fascinated by the neatness of the best examples. ... '[M]oonstarers' became 'astronomers',... 'eleven [plus] two' equalled 'twelve [plus] one' and... 'one hug' was 'enough'.

Clues and answers

A.One in search of the philosopher's stoneALCHEMIST
B.Alternatives to slip-ons (hyph.)LACEUPS
C.Action of the tides (3 wds.)EBBANDFLOW
D.Legendary place where "twice five miles of fertile ground / With walls and towers were girdled round"XANADU
E.Like puns, to manyHUMOROUS
F.Apt rearrangement of "art's models" (2 wds.)OLDMASTERS
G.Freshen up, give a face-liftRENOVATE
H.Handout at a registration desk (2 wds.)NAMETAG
I.Apt rearrangement of "tender name"ENDEARMENT
J.Dangers for raftersWATERFALLS
K.Impenetrability, lack of clarityOPAQUENESS
L.Subject of annual protests on January 22 (3 wds.)ROEVWADE
M.Ancient Cynic who carried a lamp around in full daylightDIOGENES
N.International organization once headed by Paul Wolfowitz (2 wds.)WORLDBANK
O.Acronym for some digital communicationAMESLAN
P.Age of Edgar Allan Poe's cousin when he married herTHIRTEEN
Q.Place to get a passport or a visaCONSULATE
R.Kinkajou or, when spoonerized, a pair of long-eared hoppers? (2 wds.)HONEYBEAR
S.Like translating puns, usuallyIMPOSSIBLE
T.Dispensable, gratuitousNEEDLESS
U.Something to step on when taking off (2 wds.)GASPEDAL
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