Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 29, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HOLLY WELKER, SATIN WORSHIP — Spinning a yarn is a metaphor for telling a story... . But quilting doesn't seem to be of much use as a way to talk about narrative. ... In fact, it's... an insult to call a story a patchwork, but high praise to call it seamless.

Clues and answers

A.Having a pattern of brightly colored diamond shapesHARLEQUIN
B.Exposed with very little room for retreat (4 wds.)OUTONALIMB
C.Fleecy pelt for a winter coatLAMBSKIN
D.What the eighth plague of Egypt comprisedLOCUSTS
E.Pollinator of New Mexico's state flower (2 wds.)YUCCAMOTH
F.Crosser at right angles of Answer Q.WARP
G.In "Great Expectations," Pip's unyielding loveESTELLA
H.Wall-mounted washbasin with its own tankLAVABO
I.Craft that could be called loopy?KNITTING
J."Home Sweet Home" locationEMBROIDERY
K.Mutual trust and affinityRAPPORT
L.Good judgment, horse senseSAGACITY
M.Home to Hawks and FalconsATLANTA
N.Holder of some cubesTONGS
O.Cracked up by a tailor's joke? (2 wds.)INSTITCHES
P.Caribbean port once a refuge for BlackbeardNASSAU
Q.What goes back and forth in a shuttleWOOF
R.A couple of quarters (2 wds.)ONEHALF
S.Caning materialRATTAN
T.Children's game that involves freezingSTATUES
U.Where the currency is the gourdeHAITI
V."Well, I should have guessed as much" (2 wds.)ITFIGURES
W.Synthetic fabric that resists wrinklesPOLYESTER
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