Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 27, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ELMA WILLIAMS, (THE) PANT GLAS STORY — Dogs wave tails... in several indicative ways. There is the wide sweep of expectancy, or the more vigorous movement of greeting. Or, tail under tummy, a subterranean waggle which can be pleasure tinged with guilt or fear.

Clues and answers

A.Top-level caninesEYETEETH
B.TV role for eight generations of one acting familyLASSIE
C.1812 invention featuring a pendulumMETRONOME
D.Swift hunter or colorful coverAFGHAN
E.Yarn used in weaving; barkWOOF
F.Nobel scientist with canine experiments (2 wds.)IVANPAVLOV
G.Stuff to be picked up; group from which to make a pick?LITTER
H.Wrapping that may make a pill more palatable to a canineLIVERWURST
I."Come Back, Little Sheba" authorINGE
J.Valley around Leeds, EnglandAIREDALE
K.Like the hairless breed XoloitzcuintliMEXICAN
L.Human pal of Scooby-DooSHAGGY
M.Half-pint, runt, miniaturePEEWEE
N."The Call of the Wild" genreADVENTURE
O.Ratter from East Anglia, for shortNORWICH
P.Regarded as a faithful friendTRUSTED
Q.Like an Irish wolfhound or St. BernardGIANT
R.Shade of a beagle's ears, often (2 wds.)LIGHTBROWN
S.First character to recognize Odysseus upon his returnARGUS
T.Four-legged Monopoly tokenSCOTTIE
U.Shook, trembled, vibratedSHIMMIED
V.Playful struggle for dominance (3 wds.)TUGOFWAR
W.Kind of school where students may learn to begOBEDIENCE
X.St. Bernard's job description?RESCUER
Y.Cry of complaint from a poundYAWP
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