Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 26, 2020

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ARTHUR SCHULMAN, RESONANCES — Roget had many irons in the fire before compiling his thesaurus…. His writings include treatises on physiology and phrenology … on … inhaling nitrous oxide; … and … a method of completing a knight's tour of the chessboard.

Clues and answers

A.Floor, rock, bowl over, stunASTONISH
B.Heading in a book or manuscript printed in a different color from the restRUBRIC
C.Eaters of tom yum goongTHAIS
D.Hector, pester, tease, annoyHARASS
E.Make two together into separate onesUNCOUPLE
F.So hot you could cook an egg on the sidewalkROASTING
G.Classic holder of a kid's baseball card collectionSHOEBOX
H.Period rarely skipped by biographersCHILDHOOD
I.City called the "Daughter of the Baltic"HELSINKI
J.Spiritually or morally inspirationalUPLIFTING
K.Place to put your feet up (2 wds.)LEGREST
L.Total loss of self-controlMELTDOWN
M.Ironclad, as proof or an alibiAIRTIGHT
N.Possible ruling after a field goal attempt (2 wds.)NOGOOD
O.Opposite of a nail-biterROUT
P.Activity of a plant or moleESPIONAGE
Q.Seamy, sleazy, squalidSORDID
R.Amount of a quintile (hyph.)ONEFIFTH
S.Giving a stable impression?NEIGHING
T.She helped Theseus escape the LabyrinthARIADNE
U.Beginner, tyro, noviceNEOPHYTE
V.Groove or bevelCHAMFER
W.Hugeness with a negative connotationENORMITY
X.Things associated with the quote's subjectSYNONYMS
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