Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 25, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JANE) HAMILTON, A MAP OF THE WORLD — There is never an end to stones in a field. You can clear... five acres one summer and come spring there will be a new crop. With each freeze and thaw stones are pushed up... to the light... as if they have the sense of a seed.

Clues and answers

A.Hard rock of a sort (2 wds.)HEAVYMETAL
B.Hero of Greek myth who was the son of AphroditeAENEAS
C.Part of a cyborg's natureMACHINE
D.Doing no harm; free from all wrongINNOCENT
E.Forage plant also known as bush cloverLESPEDEZA
F.Typical harmony intervals in country musicTHIRDS
G.Condition undesirable in a wrestlerOVERWEIGHT
H.Land that gave birth to the word "ski"NORWAY
I.New York, to drivers in D.C., sayAVENUE
J.Striking redhead in a book?MATCH
K.Volcanic rock named for a mountain rangeANDESITE
L.Like a viewer of Medusa, in legendPETRIFIED
M.Song Stephen Foster sold for $100 (2 wds.)OHSUSANNA
N.Exemplar of something gotten for nothing (2 wds.)FREELUNCH
O.Medieval siege engine for catapulting big rocksTREBUCHET
P.Quality of not being squareHIPNESS
Q.Burst forth into bloomEFFLORESCE
R."I love riding roller coasters like this!"WHEE
S.Therapist with a musculoskeletal specialtyOSTEOPATH
T.Creation of a city dweller with a green thumb (2 wds.)ROOFGARDEN
U.Martin's partner in 1953's "The Stooge"LEWIS
V."I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want ___" (Jason Love)DESSERT
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