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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 24, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOY) WILLIAMS, THE FLORIDA KEYS--For experienced... divers, a dive at night is... especially remarkable... . The coral polyps open like flowers to feed on the plankton floating by, and the water is lit by luminescent organisms corkscrewing through the blackness.

Clues and answers

A.Like driftwood on a beach (2 wds.)WASHEDUP
B.Introductory social activityICEBREAKER
C.Classic rustic abode (2 wds.)LOGCABIN
D.Engage a mouse in a typical way (hyph.)LEFTCLICK
E.Consequence of the Big BangINFLATION
F.Seasoning in a Jamaican jerk rubALLSPICE
G.T-shirt, ring, lei or seashell, perhapsMEMENTO
H.Miler's times after individual lapsSPLITS
I.Kind of beam in the 1947 novel "Spacehounds of IPC"TRACTOR
J.Any element in the fluorine groupHALOGEN
K.Embankments used as fortificationsEARTHWORKS
L.Flying saucer with no pilotFRISBEE
M.Annoyance at a doctor's office (2 wds.)LONGWAIT
N.Literally, "taking the right view"ORTHODOXY
O.1967 hit whose title is spelled out in the lyricsRESPECT
P.What's in store for merchants?INVENTORY
Q.Features of some driven spheroidsDIMPLES
R.Genus of mosquitoesANOPHELES
S.Exercises that might be deep (2 wds.)KNEEBENDS
T.Eaten, as a diatom by an amoebaENGULFED
U.Sarcastic "Oh, sure" (2 wds.)YEAHRIGHT
V.Composer who said "My music is best understood by children and animals"STRAVINSKY
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