Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 23, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SUSAN ORLEAN, THE ORCHID THIEF — Orchids have diverse and unflowerlike looks.... There are species that look like butterflies, bats, ladies' handbags,... swarms of bees,... clamshells, roots, camel hooves, squirrels, nuns dressed in their wimples, and drunken old men.

Clues and answers

A.It holds a little less than a jigger (2 wds.)SHOTGLASS
B.15th-century Florentine who painted "The Battle of San Romano"UCCELLO
C.Animals raised in sericultureSILKWORMS
D.Medieval shooter of stones, balls and arrowsARBALEST
E.Coup leader in the 1952 deposing of King FaroukNASSER
F.Crude carriersOILERS
G.Outstanding, in surfer slangRAD
H.Vehicle with curtainsLITTER
I.Film in which Martin Landau played Bela Lugosi (2 wds.)EDWOOD
J.Figure performed by square dancersALLEMANDE
K.Centaur whose blood poisoned HerculesNESSUS
L.Experimental fusion reactor with a toroidal chamberTOKAMAK
M.Half a fortnightHEBDOMAD
N.Historical complex, now a museum, in New York Bay (2 wds.)ELLISISLAND
O."Heads" side of a coinOBVERSE
P.Context for a "Dies Irae"REQUIEM
Q.Badge of stripes on a police officer's sleeveCHEVRON
R.Narrator of a picaresque tale of 1884 (2 wds.)HUCKFINN
S.River through PeoriaILLINOIS
T.A kind of publishingDESKTOP
U.Shark that drives its prey by beating its tailTHRESHER
V.What the Mohs scale measuresHARDNESS
W.Having obligations (2 wds.)INDEBT
X.Ionian setting for "The Comedy of Errors"EPHESUS
Y.Type of chrysanthemum once used remediallyFEVERFEW
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