Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 22, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LEWIS THOMAS, (THE) FRAGILE SPECIES — Our word "human" comes from the... root dhghem, meaning simply "earth." The most telling cognate word is "humus," the primary product of microbial industry. ... It gives a new... spin, to the old cliche for an apology: "Sorry, I'm only human."

Clues and answers

A.Feathery plant for a woodland garden (2 wds.)LADYFERN
B.Environmental subgroupECOTYPE
C.Maker of Hacky Sacks and Frisbees (hyph.)WHAMO
D.Element named for its blue spectral linesINDIUM
E.Like some bars or tennis matchesSINGLES
F.Mouse-riding Arthurian knight of lore (2 wds.)TOMTHUMB
G.Gaga, overflowing with enthusiasm (hyph.)HOGWILD
H.Classic candy bar (2 wds.)OHHENRY
I.Halfway point in a presidential election cycleMIDTERM
K.Leave in the lurch; thread or fiberSTRAND
L.Loud alternative to a lighthouseFOGHORN
M.Concern for certain banks (2 wds.)RHFACTOR
N.Hatred, hostility, loathingANIMUS
O.Benjamin Franklin who founded a rubber companyGOODRICH
P."Whose Line Is It Anyway?" genreIMPROV
Q.Filled with light, brilliantLUMINOUS
R.Fungal cause of St. Anthony's fireERGOT
S.Throw in the towel (2 wds.)SAYUNCLE
T.Greek author of "Parallel Lives"PLUTARCH
U.What someone with alexithymia can't expressEMOTION
V.Active in sports, business or evolutionCOMPETING
W.Line connecting equal values on a mapISOPLETH
X.Atlanta campus boasting many a "green" buildingEMORY
Y.Much of the atmosphere's particulate matter (2 wds.)SEASALT
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