Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 22, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


STEWART (LEE) ALLEN: THE DEVIL'S CUP — India produces the world's most consistently vile cup of joe. It is never fresh-brewed but made with instant "flakes," which are boiled with milk, sugar, and nutmeg. The resulting stew is... a sickening... piping-hot milkshake.

Clues and answers

A.Be in a state of subdued angerSIMMER
B.Good deal for a ticket-buyerTWOFER
C.Someone with a heavy body buildENDOMORPH
D.Result of some brainstorming (2 wds.)WISHLIST
E.Shield made by Hephaestus with a Gorgon's head in the centerAEGIS
F.Author of "American Pastoral," winner of the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for fictionROTH
G.Afternoon TV staple (2 wds.)TALKSHOW
H.Unable to sit stillANTSY
I.One with a calling at court? (2 wds.)LINEJUDGE
J.Source, colloquially, of the unexpected (2 wds.)LEFTFIELD
K.Birthplace of David HumeEDINBURGH
L.Sports event started in 1938 with six teams (abbr.)NIT
M.1982 film debut of Geena DavisTOOTSIE
O.Periods of omission?ELLIPSIS
P.Writer of the 1992 play "Oleanna" (2 wds.)DAVIDMAMET
Q.The science of city planningEKISTICS
R.Songbird also called a greenletVIREO
S.The Maria Theresienstrasse is its main thoroughfareINNSBRUCK
T."Poetry is a sword of ___, ever unsheathed ..." (Shelley)LIGHTNING
U.First mate of the PequodSTARBUCK
V.Monkey; hooded cloak for womenCAPUCHIN
W.Without dulcificationUNSWEETENED
X.Alfred ___, founder of a renowned Berkeley coffeehousePEET
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