Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 20, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARJORIE KINNAN) RAWLINGS, THE MAGNOLIA TREE — There is no such thing in the world as an ugly tree, but the magnolia grandiflora has a unique perfection. No matter how... thickly holly and live oak and sweet gum may grow up around it, it develops with complete symmetry... .

Clues and answers

A.Split into branchesRAMIFY
B.Artist with a zoo in New Orleans named for himAUDUBON
C.Across, from side to sideWIDTHWISE
D.Habitat for most gorillasLOWLAND
E.Insect marked with large ocellar spots (2 wds.)IOMOTH
F.Cultivate useful connectionsNETWORK
G.Move in a loud, clumsy wayGALUMPH
H.Sound or appear jerky, as audio or videoSTUTTER
I.Convoluted, tortuousTWISTY
J.Play with soldiers in France (2 wds.)HENRYV
K.Sophisticated yet simpleELEGANT
L.Tangly growth in a tropical coastal swampMANGROVE
M.Character, mood, environmentATMOSPHERE
N.Bird whose male is vibrant yellow in the summer and olive-colored in the winterGOLDFINCH
O.Camp outing for scouts (2 wds.)NATUREHIKE
P.Epoch of global ice expansionOLIGOCENE
Q.Player in an early music ensembleLUTENIST
R.Study of fossil tracks, burrows and the likeICHNOLOGY
S.Ancient shipping container with a rounded shapeAMPHORA
T.Long tops to wear with leggingsTUNICS
U.Attractions for leaf peepers (2 wds.)REDMAPLES
V.Civil rights objectiveEQUALITY
W.Annual event with a green theme (2 wds.)EARTHDAY
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