Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 2, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID EAGLEMAN, INCOGNITO — [T]here is a... "blind spot" in each eye. ... Your brain, with no information from that... spot in visual space, fills in with the patterns around it. You're not perceiving what's out there. You're perceiving whatever your brain tells you.

Clues and answers

A.1974 action film with four sequels (2 wds.)DEATHWISH
B.Evergreen with edible red berriesARBUTUS
C.Scenic overlook; perspectiveVIEWPOINT
D.Wanderlust (2 wds.)ITCHYFEET
E.French officer convicted of treason in 1894DREYFUS
F.Satire based partly on its author's New Zealand sojournEREWHON
G.Pain reliever derived from willow barkASPIRIN
H.Euclid or Benoit Mandelbrot, e.g.GEOMETER
I.Break in a shift (2 wds.)LUNCHHOUR
J.Dog's age, month of SundaysETERNITY
K.Tubes in a kitchenMACARONI
L.Teleporting skill taught at HogwartsAPPARITION
M.Cephalopod with a shellNAUTILUS
N.Roy Orbison top 10 hit of 1964 (2 wds.)ITSOVER
O.Feudal upper classNOBILITY
P.Noncombatant member of the militaryCHAPLAIN
Q.Hot, hot, hot (2 wds.)ONFIRE
R.Lily-livered, yellow-belliedGUTLESS
S.Rookie, greenhorn, apprenticeNEOPHYTE
T.Symbol of elite detachment (2 wds.)IVORYTOWER
U.Sport making its Olympic debut in Sydney in 2000TRIATHLON
V.Like a good detectiveOBSERVANT
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