Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 2, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WILLIAM SAFIRE, HOW NOT TO WRITE — Writing carefully, dangling participles should be avoided. ...Jacques Barzun, the great grammarian, produced the classic example of the dangle with: ..."Quickly summoning an ambulance, the corpse was carried to the mortuary."

Clues and answers

A.A couple of dumbbells, e.g.WEIGHTS
B.Actor who played a robot in 1979 and a hobbit in 2001 (2 wds.)IANHOLM
C.Indulgence in concupiscent pleasuresLECHERY
D.Aviation pioneer, eponym of an Air Force baseLANGLEY
E.The first person, emphatically (2 wds.)IMYSELF
F.Epithet for Spider-ManAMAZING
G.Actor (1930-1980) nicknamed "The King of Cool"MCQUEEN
H.Swingline office productSTAPLER
I.Special sports selectee (hyph.)ALLSTAR
J.Loaded, as with emotional cargoFRAUGHT
K.Tool for a bartender (2 wds.)ICEPICK
L.Month between Sha'ban and ShawwalRAMADAN
M.Semiannual worldwide eventEQUINOX
N.Monotonous, prosaic, blahHUMDRUM
O.Work for a jack-of-all-trades (2 wds.)ODDJOBS
P.Implement carved by a Maori (2 wds.)WARCLUB
Q.Object of a Voyager 2 flybyNEPTUNE
R.Garden perennialsORCHIDS
S.West Indies isle, once a pirate refugeTORTUGA
T.Aristotle, vis ˆ vis AlexanderTEACHER
U.Some practice runsOCTAVES
V.Dhole or dingo (2 wds.)WILDDOG
W.Heavenly transportation?RAPTURE
X.Constrained, unable to solve a dilemma (3 wds.)INABIND
Y."Boxing has become America's ___ theater" (Joyce Carol Oates)TRAGIC
Z.Retreat from reality through fantasyESCAPE
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