Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 19, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


URSULA DUBOSARSKY, (THE) WORD SNOOP — A black cat dreamt every fourth goose hunted invisible jellyfish. Kindly let many nice ostriches pass quickly. Rather stupidly the umbrella voted when x-raying yellow zebras. ...[M]ake up your own crazy pangrammatic story... [.]

Clues and answers

A.Original version, as of a musical scoreURTEXT
B.Vroom-maker's activityREVVING
C.Sworn enemies of GargamelSMURFS
D.Member of the order of newts and salamandersURODELE
E.Mandible (2 wds.)LOWERJAW
F.Sort of order imposed in this puzzle's quoteALPHABETIC
G.The opposite of parchDRENCH
H.Not pleasant to regardUNSIGHTLY
I.Derisive imitationBURLESQUE
J.Kind of fiber in technologyOPTICAL
K.Create Z's, in a comic stripSNORE
L.Burning fiercelyABLAZE
M.Improve; purify; make genteelREFINE
O.Social gathering where coffee might be involvedKLATSCH
P.Doo-wop hit with the admonition "Don't talk back" (2 wds.)YAKETYYAK
Q.Last word of Eliot's "The Hollow Men"WHIMPER
R.Crude container (2 wds.)OILDRUM
S.Joke follower in a stand-up actRIMSHOT
T.Unmoved (hyph.)DRYEYED
U.Literally, rendered fat; figuratively, sentimentalismSCHMALTZ
V.Capital city of NigerNIAMEY
X.Augustus' name before he was emperorOCTAVIAN
Y.Practice similar to bigamyPOLYGYNY
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