Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 17, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WENDY WILLIAMS, THE HORSE — Despite what you see in Hollywood movies, horses... rarely "stampede" en masse. If several bands of horses... are frightened..., the bands... head off in all different directions. Their... flight trajectories... look... like spokes in a wheel.

Clues and answers

A.How you sometimes feel on a roller coasterWEIGHTLESS
B.Consequential; fraught with happeningsEVENTFUL
C.Kind of pie similar to tutti-fruttiNESSELRODE
D.Remove from a high positionDETHRONE
E.#1 on Rolling Stone and MTV's "100 Greatest Pop Songs" of all timeYESTERDAY
F.Appliance giant based in MichiganWHIRLPOOL
G.Quality of many youthful activistsIDEALISM
H.Resource when founderingLIFEBOAT
I.Opportunity for evasionLOOPHOLE
J.Transposal of upper and lower voices, as in counterpointINVERSION
K.Betrothed, bound to be marriedAFFIANCED
L.Ad hoc measure; serving as a temporary substituteMAKESHIFT
M.Pop culture figures? (2 wds.)SODAJERKS
N.Toggery, duds, getupTHREADS
O.Charlotte pro cagersHORNETS
P.Envelope-pushing qualityEDGINESS
Q.People who say "ekahi, elua, ekolu, eha, elima" when counting from one to fiveHAWAIIANS
R.Music for a collection?OFFERTORY
S."I ___ that remark!" (old vaudeville comeback)RESEMBLE
T.Drywall trademarkSHEETROCK
U.Singer played cinematically by Marion Cotillard (2 wds.)EDITHPIAF
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