Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 17, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(SARAH) TARLOW, EMOTION IN ARCHAEOLOGY — In representing the people of the past we... need to negotiate between the Scylla of making them... incomprehensible... and the Charybdis of rendering them as late-twentieth-century Europeans wearing wimples or furry bikinis.

Clues and answers

A.Amplifier componentTWEETER
B.Provision of many a peace treatyAMNESTY
C.Annoying rules and regulations (2 wds.)REDTAPE
D.State insect of Ohio and New HampshireLADYBUG
E.Precursor of the fox trot (hyph.)ONESTEP
F.Narrow margin of victory; vibrissaWHISKER
G.Informal international allianceENTENTE
H.Put in the wrong partMISCAST
I.Bested in a gunfight; attracted a larger crowd thanOUTDREW
J.Knickknack, gewgawTRINKET
K.All hot under the collar (3 wds.)INAHUFF
L.Castor bean or sesame, e.g.OILSEED
M."Donald's ___," landmark 1938 Disney shortNEPHEWS
N.Brand under a publisher's umbrellaIMPRINT
O.Illustrator of such classics as "Treasure Island" (3 wds.)NCWYETH
P.Symbiont for a clownfishANEMONE
Q."Amen!," "You said it!" (2 wds.)RIGHTON
R.Degrade; depreciateCHEAPEN
S.Paintball player's accessoryHOLSTER
T.Loser to a pair of deuces (2 wds.)ACEHIGH
U.Religious recluseEREMITE
V.First U.S. college to admit womenOBERLIN
W.Strategy for a baseliner against a net playerLOBBING
X.Theoretically but not practically (2 wds.)ONPAPER
Y.Mammal incapable of swimmingGIRAFFE
Z.Russia's first democratically elected leaderYELTSIN
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