Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 16, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(EUGENIE) CLARK, THE LADY AND THE SHARKS — You can pick up a good-sized sting ray by slipping your fingers into its spiracles. It's like picking up a bowling ball and is the best way to lift this slippery creature and avoid the poisonous sting on the tail.

Clues and answers

A.Creator of the 1950s book and film "The Silent World"COUSTEAU
B.Tools in microsurgeryLASERS
C.What this Acrostic's quoted passage helpfully gives youADVICE
D.Become less flexibleRIGIDIFY
E.Din creatorKIPLING
F.Some verbal sticks and stonesTAUNTS
G.Aimed at eggheadsHIGHBROW
H.First N.H.L. player to score 100 points in a seasonESPOSITO
I.Name of a pillar near the Dead Sea at Mount Sodom (2 wds.)LOTSWIFE
J.Rio and Tokyo, approximatelyANTIPODES
K.Bump, in a wayDISPLACE
L.Named in a quaint old fashionYCLEPT
M.Who placed Who on firstABBOTT
N.Where the White Witch was done inNARNIA
O.Flower with a short blooming period (2 wds.)DAYLILY
P.Boy adventurer whose faithful dog is SnowyTINTIN
Q.1979 director of "Nosferatu the Vampyre"HERZOG
R.Early Greek believer in atomsEPICURUS
S.Foxy sort of personSLYBOOTS
T.The ____ Gourmet (PBS chef and former flower child)HIPPY
U.Daughter of Oedipus who enraged CreonANTIGONE
V.Activity for Chance, Drake or FutureRAPPING
W.Race with large foreheadsKLINGONS
X.Outfit that may include salopettes (2 wds.)SKISUIT
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