Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 16, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(L.L. LARISON) CUDMORE, THE CENTER OF LIFE — Amoebas may not have backbones, brains,... plastic,... [or] Valium...; but their architecture is two billion years ahead of its time. The amoeba had the... ideas of R. Buckminster Fuller before there was anyone... capable of having an idea.

Clues and answers

A.Many a mom or dad, say, after school lets outCHAUFFEUR
B.Mongolia's main metropolis (2 wds.)ULANBATOR
C.No longer in existenceDEFUNCT
D.Old World herb whose root was once believed to have magical propertiesMANDRAKE
E.Marc Antony's wife, who raised Cleopatra's childrenOCTAVIA
F.1984 Olympic soccer venue (2 wds.)ROSEBOWL
G.Type of chicory put in saladsESCAROLE
H.Regulating device with a bimetallic coilTHERMOSTAT
I.Toy train builder, stamp collector or rockhoundHOBBYIST
J.Inventor who pioneered mass production of rifles (2 wds.)ELIWHITNEY
K.Affliction imputed on playgroundsCOOTIES
L.Audit without notificationEAVESDROP
M.Major exporter of diamonds and uraniumNAMIBIA
N."Hot corner" on a diamond (2 wds.)THIRDBASE
O.Group of actors, musicians or furnitureENSEMBLE
P.Beverage served in a tavernaRETSINA
Q."Saving Private Ryan" setting (2 wds.)OMAHABEACH
R.Member of Our Gang named for a cerealFARINA
S.1651 work in which Thomas Hobbes describes life as "Nasty, brutish and short"LEVIATHAN
T.Partake of liquid refreshmentIMBIBE
U.The Santa Maria, for ColumbusFLAGSHIP
V.Organism with complex cellsEUKARYOTE
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