Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 15, 2018

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(SIMON) BARNES, THE MEANING OF BIRDS — Drab birds can be suddenly aflame with iridescence when seen in a good light. A springtime starling explodes into a heavenly creature of glowing purple, lit with deep blues and greens, all of it spangled with gold.

Clues and answers

A.Exhibiting genu varumBOWLEGGED
B.Tax evasion indictee of 1931 (2 wds.)ALCAPONE
C.Alternatives to jigs, waltzes and strathspeysREELS
D.Identify with finality (2 wds.)NAILDOWN
E.Figure with a pair of fociELLIPSE
F.Activity for a batter or a boxerSLUGGING
G.Lend a bit of a thrillTITILLATE
H.Minimal margin size for many printers (hyph.)HALFINCH
I.Blend by suspending one liquid in anotherEMULSIFY
J.Rainy day creations of tots (2 wds.)MUDPIES
K.Napoleon's cousinECLAIR
L.Material supplementing the main textAPPENDIX
M."I wouldn't go back and change a thing" (2 wds.)NOREGRETS
N.Clique that might be chic (hyph.)INCROWD
O.Like the German word for "girl," grammaticallyNEUTER
P.War of 1812 treaty siteGHENT
Q.Up in the airOVERHEAD
R.Carrier of a fleet's commanderFLAGSHIP
S.Country largely comprising the Kalahari DesertBOTSWANA
T.Feeling morally or financially beholdenINDEBTED
U.1984 movie about a Soviet invasion of the U.S. (2 wds.)REDDAWN
V.Judge's act at the end of a workdayDISROBING
W.Using covert operationsSTEALTHY
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