Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 15, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVE BARRY, (DAVE BARRY'S) GREATEST HITS — Under the new [tax] system,'ll get...unintelligible forms from the government,...put off doing anything...until mid-April,...miss a lot of deductions, and...worry about being audited. Other...things will remain pretty much the same.

Clues and answers

A.On the way toward impoverishmentDWINDLING
B.What a fat cat enjoysAFFLUENCE
C.Guarantee, stand behind (2 wds.)VOUCHFOR
D.Ballpark figureESTIMATE
E.Result, after all is said and done (2 wds.)BOTTOMLINE
F.Pension plan payment, perhapsANNUITY
G.Staunchly pro-business political faction (2 wds.)RIGHTWING
H.Painter of "The Money Changer"REMBRANDT
I.Pay dividends (2 wds.)YIELDFRUIT
J.Expert in precious metalsGOLDSMITH
K.Income for holders of copyrightsROYALTIES
L.Amount subtracted for each dependentEXEMPTION
M.Expense that may be claimed by an exALIMONY
N.Estate planning option (2 wds.)TRUSTFUND
O.Compensation for services renderedEMOLUMENT
P.Spare no expenseSPLURGE
Q.Station to which tribute was sent, historicallyTHRONE
R.Takers of illegal tollsHIGHWAYMEN
S.Having some explaining to do (3 wds.)INTHESOUP
T.Go unsteadily; one who finds sums?TOTTER
U.Where Pony Express parcels were stowedSADDLEBAGS
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