Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 14, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MICHAEL) POLLAN, HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND — Some scientists have raised the possibility that consciousness may pervade the universe, suggesting we think of it the same way we do electromagnetism or gravity, as one of the fundamental building blocks of reality.

Clues and answers

A.Alleged entheogen: an agent enhancing spiritualityPSILOCYBIN
B.Taker of a long fantastic tripODYSSEUS
C.LSD-inspired songwriterLENNON
D.Overwrought or agitated stateLATHER
E.Having lost one's way (2 wds.)ATSEA
F.Eye-stabber in "The Sound of Silence" (2 wds.)NEONLIGHT
G."Desperate" characters in a TV show titleHOUSEWIVES
H.Like superseded technologyOUTDATED
I.Elphaba and Glinda, in "Wicked"WITCHES
J.Effort urged in a pep talkTEAMWORK
K.Stapes, incus and malleusOSSICLES
L.Monster of myth; foolish fancy CHIMERA
M.Professional offers?HITMEN
O.Actor whose first film role was as Bobby Trippe in "Deliverance" (2 wds.)NEDBEATTY
P.Characters often seen on freight train carsGRAFFITI
Q.Fungal source of lysergic acidERGOT
R.Fungal contributor to moonshineYEAST
S.Too single-mindedOBSESSIVE
T.Reveal the true identity ofUNMASK
U.Cooktop; singer's assetRANGE
V.Why you do the thing you doMOTIVE
W.Throw together; wing itIMPROVISE
X.Behaving badly; off-colorNAUGHTY
Y.What amylase helps us doDIGEST
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