Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 11, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JULIA CHILD, THE WAY TO COOK — A blowtorch is not just for laughs — it is a legitimate kitchen tool, and marvelous for loosening aspics from their molds. Buy a portable torch with an instant self-igniting nozzle that attaches to a small propane bottle.

Clues and answers

A.Bring to life with an infusion of juice (hyph.)JUMPSTART
B.Able to flow; no longer controlled financiallyUNFROZEN
C.Work period starting at midnight, say (2 wds.)LATESHIFT
D.Artificial tooth, e.g.IMPLANT
E.Interminably; finally (2 wds.)ATLENGTH
F.Breakfast bite on the Left BankCROISSANT
H.Burning, fiery, ablaze (2 wds.)INFLAMES
I.A multitude; divisions of armiesLEGIONS
J.Indiscriminate catcher of fish (2 wds.)DRIFTNET
K.Drunk to, or drunkTOASTED
L.Special part of an estateHEIRLOOM
M.Unequivocal, strongly wordedEMPHATIC
N."A Little Night Music" activityWALTZING
O.Beginner course for chefs?ANTIPASTO
P.Prepared with a touch of saffron, maybeYELLOWISH
Q.Larger-than-life mannerismsTHEATRICS
R.Meat dish often served with risotto (2 wds.)OSSOBUCO
S.Distinguishing additive in M&M'sCOLORANT
T.Best in staying powerOUTLAST
U.Necessary, to an accompanistOBBLIGATO
V.Cabbage with a turniplike stemKOHLRABI
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