Acrostic Solution for Sunday, April 1, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(PAUL) HOFFMAN, ARCHIMEDES' REVENGE — Cryptography has... come a long way since the first century B.C., when Julius Caesar reportedly used a... simple substitution cipher.... Caesar's confidants would have understood him had he said "Hw wx, Euxwh!" instead of "Et tu, Brute!"

Clues and answers

A.What Carry Nation carried into saloonsHATCHET
B.Admitted (2 wds.)OWNEDUP
C.Impression of very great ageFOSSIL
D.Overprivileged, rich sort (2 wds.)FATCAT
E.Take the scenic route, perhapsMEANDER
F.Determination of some scholastic testsAPTITUDE
G.Vestibule at the west end of a basilicaNARTHEX
H.Miserable, wretchedABJECT
I.Sign that a goal has been scored in hockey (2 wds.)REDLIGHT
J.Script employed by Sumerian scribesCUNEIFORM
K."More or less bunk," to Henry FordHISTORY
L.Robert Graves novel adapted as a miniseries (2 wds.)ICLAUDIUS
M.Trait ascribed to Shakespeare's Iago and Moliere's AlcesteMISANTHROPY
N.Cloak or veilENSHROUD
O.Result of unsustainable agriculture in the 1930's (2 wds.)DUSTBOWL
P.Lengthy digressionEXCURSUS
Q.Fighting in a "Star Wars" movie, e.g.SWORDPLAY
R.Ran with the football; hastyRUSHED
S.Reversion of property to the stateESCHEAT
T.Blue Hindu god with four armsVISHNU
U.Supercilia, in anatomyEYEBROWS
V.Viceroyalty from 1535 to 1821 (2 wds.)NEWSPAIN
W.Escape; vacation placeGETAWAY
X.Imitative of natural soundsECHOIC
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