Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 9, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID SKINNER, THE STORY OF AIN'T — Etiquette books in the twenties licensed the use of slang in polite company..., modestly admitting that "even 'swell' and 'sweetie pie' are correct in certain moods." In... business, however, ... "O.K." and "all righty" were not to be used... .

Clues and answers

A.Excessive, a bit much (2 wds.)DETROP
B."Some people think I'm gay ... which I think is ___" (Daniel Radcliffe)AWESOME
C.Hopping, buzzing, livelyVIBRANT
D.One's unique way of talkingIDIOLECT
E.Gradually shrink in size or numberDWINDLE
F.Pinking and pruning toolsSHEARS
G.Give the main address forKEYNOTE
H."Snap" in a game of the dozensINSULT
I.Yum-Yum's beau in "The Mikado" (hyph.)NANKIPOO
J.Genre for the mystically inclined (2 wds.)NEWAGE
K.Of indeterminate sexEPICENE
L.Sound from the bushes, maybeRUSTLE
M.Second-rate, cheesy (hyph.)TWOBIT
N.Outbreak of evanescent bumpsHIVES
O.Regard with respectESTEEM
P.First hotel chain with an automated electronic reservations system (1958)SHERATON
Q.Decoration once made of extruded silverTINSEL
R."Awake and Sing!" dramatistODETS
S.Entertainer in a top hat and tailsRINGMASTER
T.Nodding acquaintances? (hyph.) YESMEN
U.Kind of muscle worked by side planksOBLIQUE
V.Norman Mailer coinage for a piece of infoFACTOID
W.Trippy drug commonly smoked in a joint (2 wds.)ANGELDUST
X.Fossilized footprintICHNITE
Y.Illustrator of "Treasure Island" (3 wds., two of which are inits.)NCWYETH
Z.Go for a drive; play on a fifeTOOTLE
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