Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 7, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ALLISON) GLOCK, BEAUTY BEFORE COMFORT — At the age of eighty-one, [my grandmother] has her hair colored weekly and doesn't descend the stairs without full makeup. If an opera spontaneously broke out at her nursing home, Grandmother would be appropriately dressed.

Clues and answers

A.Where to get downGEESE
B.Contemptible course of action (2 wds.)LOWROAD
C.Founder, with John Houseman, of the Mercury Theatre (2 wds.)ORSONWELLES
D.Sprightly, self-confidentCHIPPER
E.Overhyped comet that passed around the sun in 1973-74KOHOUTEK
F.Mighty creature described in JobBEHEMOTH
G.Ardent follower or hobbyistENTHUSIAST
H.One coulomb per secondAMPERE
I.Not exactly spruced upUNKEMPT
J."End of story," to a journalistTHIRTY
K."What a shock to hear that!" (3 wds.)YOUDONTSAY
L.Kind of humor considered smuttyBARNYARD
M.Ornamental centerpiece for holding fruit, flowers, etc.EPERGNE
N.Have ants in your pantsFIDGET
O.Output of a wowed crowd (3 wds.)OOHSANDAHS
P.Turandot's testRIDDLE
Q.As if captive of a spellENTHRALLED
R.Read the riot act (2 wds.)CHEWOUT
S.Film star born in Alexandria, Egypt (2 wds.)OMARSHARIF
T.Thomas Gray's synonym of "frenzied"MADDING
U.One losing weight more speedily?FASTER
V.Bunting resembling the yellowhammerORTOLAN
W.Prop in an old sci-fi space film (2 wds.)RAYGUN
X.Remedy for a top-level shortageTOUPEE
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