Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 6, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARY MORRIS, NOTHING TO DECLARE — I love maps the way stamp collectors love stamps. Not for their usefulness, but rather for the sheer beauty of the object itself. I love to look at a map, even if it is a map of Mars, and figure out where I am going... .

Clues and answers

A.System for D.C. negotiators?METRO
B.Navigate the airAVIATE
C.Render more random, in a wayRESHUFFLE
D.Eatery search referenceYELP
E.Publishing partner of HillMCGRAW
F.Device relying on ideomotor movesOUIJA
G.Leader of the Smoky Mountain Boys (2 wds.)ROYACUFF
H.Go round and roundREVOLVE
I.Line in meteorologyISOBAR
J.Foray, military counteroffensiveSORTIE
K.Emmy-winning science seriesNOVA
L.Cleopatra's Needle, for oneOBELISK
M."Stuff happens" (2 wds.)THATSLIFE
N.Composer of "The Planets"HOLST
P.Airline that merged with Delta in 2008NORTHWEST
Q.Campaigner's strategy (2 wds.)GAMEPLAN
R.Setting for "Lost Horizon"TIBET
S."Bloom County" penguinOPUS
T.Son of Ares and twin of PhobosDEIMOS
U.It's in the ballparkESTIMATE
V.Piece performed by Piaf, perhapsCHANSON
W.Quit; omitted (2 wds.)LEFTOFF
X.Pithy bit of wisdom, maximAPOTHEGM
Y.Line up a cliff in a rock climber's guidebookROUTE
Z.View from Mir or SkylabEARTH
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