Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 6, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


EMILY HIESTAND, (THE) VERY RICH HOURS — American hotels... when asked for tea... deliver a... jug of tepid water covered by a square of Saran wrap... One might as well ask for a trip to Bombay as to ask for looseleaf Earl Grey, or first-flush Darjeeling, or Assam tips.

Clues and answers

A.Botanically persistent, like most tropical plantsEVERGREEN
B.Magic charm also called a "conjure bag"MOJO
C.Like a chore that bores or vexesIRKSOME
D."My ___ was dukedom large enough" (Shakespeare)LIBRARY
E.City ESE of Mount Rainier National ParkYAKIMA
F.One of four houses at the Hogwarts SchoolHUFFLEPUFF
G.Hematite or taconite (2 wds.)IRONORE
H.1961 Grammy-winning hit for Marty Robbins (2 wds.)ELPASO
I.Visibly awed or shocked (hyph.)SLACKJAWED
J.High-altitude lake drained by the Truckee RiverTAHOE
K.Warm and friendlyAFFABLE
L.Data system for brokersNASDAQ
M.Service ID's (2 wds.)DOGTAGS
N.Someone holding a fiefVASSAL
O.Silver insignia worn by colonels in the U.S. militaryEAGLES
P.Be restrictive in times of scarcityRATION
Q.Peter of Peter, Paul and MaryYARROW
R.Jim and Huck as they traveledRAFTERS
S.Tune from the "Beatles for Sale" album (3 wds.)IMALOSER
T.Pole involved in a contest of strengthCABER
U.2002 Wimbledon men's championHEWITT
V.Sexually attractive personHOTTIE
W.Figure fingered by the Warren CommissionOSWALD
X.Frank (hyph.)UPFRONT
Y.Roll, especially in sportsROSTER
Z.13 of 52SPADES
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