Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 30, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BEATRICE K.) OTTO, FOOLS ARE EVERYWHERE — The... qualifications of a good jester included the ability to extemporize verse and trot out rhyming retorts or cringe-inspiring doggerel. Poetic skill was a vital part of the jester's ragbag of tricks at all times... .

Clues and answers

A.Crude and not very cleverOAFISH
B.Made like a blabbermouthTATTLED
C.Reading material for a cartomancerTAROT
D.Lyrical form of amusementOPERETTA
E.Weatherman's jobFORECASTING
F.Banished by votes cast on potsherds, onceOSTRACIZED
G.Indulge in caricatureOVERACT
H.One of the Merry Men (2 wds.)LITTLEJOHN
I.Clown shoes or a fake arrow through the head, e.g. (2 wds.)SIGHTGAG
J.Plugged in for playing; explained furtherAMPLIFIED
K.Comeback from a wagREJOINDER
L."Waiting for Godot" role for Robin WilliamsESTRAGON
M.Pearl of wisdom from Oscar Wilde or Dorothy ParkerEPIGRAM
N.Garb often worn by magicians and jugglersVESTS
O.Weapon thrown into a lake by Sir BedivereEXCALIBUR
P.Laughter, or an inclination to laughRISIBILITY
Q.Fellow "of most excellent fancy," to HamletYORICK
R.Puck seen on the Food NetworkWOLFGANG
S.Will Rogers or Ogden Nash, e.g.HUMORIST
T.Jeu d'___ (witticism)ESPRIT
U.Member of the first class of Intl. Clown Hall of Fame inductees, 1989 (2 wds.)REDSKELTON
V.Silver-tongued; expressively statedELOQUENT
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