Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 29, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


J.K. GALBRAITH, THE GREAT CRASH — The principle of leverage is the same... as in the game of crack-the-whip. By the application of well-known physical laws, a modest movement near the point of origin is translated into a major jolt on the... periphery.

Clues and answers

A.Result of a big hitJACKPOT
B.Spoiler among fun seekersKILLJOY
C.Central issue for economic plannersGROWTH
D.Long-necked fish-eater of the New World also known as a water turkeyANHINGA
F.Where a lot of drilling goes on (2 wds.)BOOTCAMP
G.Photojournalist who wrote "How the Other Half Lives," 1891RIIS
H.Boom to bust?ANTONYM
I.Outlay of capital in pursuit of profitINVESTMENT
J.Proceed with caution or stealthTIPTOE
K.Having a sharp, U-shaped bendHAIRPIN
L.Brainwork from Pythagoras and othersTHEOREMS
M.Rough and clumsy with one's hands (hyph.)HAMFISTED
N.Fill with juice?ELECTRIFY
O.A kisser's contortionGRIMACE
P.What a baseball "fireman" providesRELIEF
Q.It may be pushed by an artistENVELOPE
R.Metrical foot of "Bada-bing!"ANAPEST
S.Food fish native to African riversTILAPIA
T.Problem for the financially strapped (2 wds.)CASHFLOW
V.Flower said to fill the plains of Hades, in Greek mythASPHODEL
W.Part of an ode sung while the chorus turnsSTROPHE
X.Unrefined, noisy laughHEEHAW
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