Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 28, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOSHUA) FERRIS, THEN WE CAME TO THE END — Our [copywriter]... Don... had another screenplay about a disaffected and cynical copywriter suffering ennui in the office setting... while dreaming of becoming a famous screenwriter, which he claimed was not autobiographical.

Clues and answers

A.Meal of cereal grainFARINA
B.Looking for oneself on the InternetEGOSURFING
C.Color in rouletteROUGE
D.One making a personal withdrawal?RECLUSE
E.Human period before bipedal locomotionINFANCY
F.Opposite of ad-libbedSCRIPTED
G.1992 film satire of Hollywood ambition (2 wds.)THEPLAYER
H.Part of an actor's job applicationHEADSHOT
I.Promoting workplace comfort and efficiencyERGONOMIC
J.Like the maid in a Thomas Percy ballad (hyph.)NUTBROWN
K.Two-person cutter; swing sharplyWHIPSAW
L.Serialized, as a novelEPISODIC
M.Slang for a partitioned workplace (2 wds.)CUBEFARM
N.Still single, but unavailable for datingAFFIANCED
O.Cocktail poured over crushed ice (2 wds.)MAITAI
P.Environmental scienceECOLOGY
Q.Scientist in a managerial positionTECHNOCRAT
R.Cool, distant, aloof, reservedOFFISH
S.Having a certain job securityTENURED
T.Subject of King KamehamehaHAWAIIAN
U.Full of juice?ELECTRIC
V."A thing of beauty is a joy forever" poemENDYMION
W.Outburst from one who is harried and exasperated (2 wds.)NOWWHAT
X.Beleaguered worker in a stripDILBERT
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