Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 27, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CHARLES SEIFE, PROOFINESS (THE DARK ARTS OF MATHEMATICAL DECEPTION) — Each roll of the die... is totally unrelated to... events that came before it.... There's no pattern.... Yet our brains simply refuse to accept this fact. This is randumbness: insisting that there is order where there is only chaos.

Clues and answers

A.Venture made risky by the forces of chanceCRAPSHOOT
B.Statement deceptively omitting some of the information (hyph.)HALFTRUTH
C.Accidental; unpredictable; like a gambleALEATORY
D.According to Nabokov, a word that should always be in quotesREALITY
E.Yoga pose that makes a person look like a grasshopperLOCUST
F.{ }, in math (2 wds.)EMPTYSET
G."___ Madonna" (Raphael painting)SISTINE
H.Small, hardy pony or sheepdogSHELTIE
I.Firmly fixed and hard to change, as opinionsENTRENCHED
J.Like some rafts and expense account figuresINFLATED
K.Complimentary ticket, for exampleFREEBIE
L.A choice with just two options (hyph.)EITHEROR
M.Chronic indulger in cannabis sativaPOTHEAD
N.Kind of dressing used on a ReubenRUSSIAN
P.Deposed; routed, as a faulty theoryOVERTHROWN
Q.Constitution of some boasFEATHERS
R.Started rapidly oxidizingIGNITED
S.Containing element number 7NITROUS
T.Dishes served between courses; fancy dessert pastriesENTREMETS
U.Drags one's feet; state of ruinSHAMBLES
V.Conjectural; haphazard; involving probabilitySTOCHASTIC
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