Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 25, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BARBARA) WALLRAFF, WORD FUGITIVES — Are toujours vu, newbiquitous, and coincidensity... words? No, not quite. They are the verbal equivalents of... Tinker Bell, whose little light will be extinguished if we don't believe in her. They are words only if we use them.

Clues and answers

A.Online promo for a TV showWEBISODE
B.Splitsville settlementALIMONY
C.Unsportsmanlike attack (2 wds.)LOWBLOW
D.Emulsifier in cooking spraysLECITHIN
E.Prompt to pick upRINGTONE
F.Digital gesture often denoting sarcasm (2 wds.)AIRQUOTES
G.Polishes off; wraps upFINISHES
H.Do with a crest and short sidesFAUXHAWK
I.Casablanca's English analogue (2 wds.)WHITEHOUSE
J.Censure or blame; disgrace or shameOBLOQUY
K.Right-leaning place, since 2000 (2 wds.)REDSTATE
L.Arbiter on acceptability of terms DICTIONARY
M.Soldier of fortune; stalling tactic on the HillFILIBUSTER
N.Restore, as a computer file or e-mailUNDELETE
O.Chowhound, gourmand, trenchermanGLUTTON
P.Neologistic, like "blobject" or "Tebowing"INVENTED
Q.Follow-up such as "Goldfinger" or "Batman Forever"THREEQUEL
R.Untamed; roaming free (3 wds.)INTHEWILD
S.Toxic and easily caughtVIRULENT
T.Locus for a fresh meme, it seemsEVERYWHERE
U.Apple-pitching Buddhist (2 wds.)STEVEJOBS
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