Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 23, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PICO IYER, THE GLOBAL SOUL — I'm sitting in a Parisian cafe... outside Chinatown (in San Francisco), talking to a Mexican-American... about biculturalism while a Haitian woman stops... to congratulate him on a piece he... delivered on TV on Saint Patrick's Day.

Clues and answers

A.Edifice enabling surveillance of any inmate at any timePANOPTICON
B.Ecumenical, as a service involving sundry religionsINTERFAITH
C.Midwestern city that's a setting for "Rain Man"CINCINNATI
D.Happening at spotty intervalsOCCASIONAL
E.Hint, remote referenceINTIMATION
F.Heavily bomb-cratered basin in the Nevada Test Site (2 wds.)YUCCAFLAT
G.Get rid of totally, wipe outEXTIRPATE
H.Desperate recourse for the drought-stricken (2 wds.)RAINDANCE
I.Metaphor for an uncontrollable rush (2 wds.)TIDALWAVE
J.Fail to show decisiveness (3 wds.)HEMANDHAW
K.A long way from robustly fedEMACIATED
L.Problem-solving with no plan or clueGUESSWORK
M.828,000-square-mile purchase of 1803LOUISIANA
N.Opposite of a picky eaterOMNIVORE
O.Member of more than one unionBIGAMIST
P.Horizontal coordinate on a geometric planeABSCISSA
Q.Present, but uninvolvedLURKING
R.Offerings from tellers?STORIES
S.Musical style of Whoopee John Wilfahrt's bandOOMPAH
T.U.N. leader succeeding Dag Hammarskjold in 1961 (2 wds.)UTHANT
U.Old World finch called "Carduelis cannabina" for its liking of hempLINNET
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