Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 23, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MORT) ROSENBLUM, A GOOSE IN TOULOUSE — A French taco... is usually lettuce,... cheese, meaty bolognese sauce, and a sweet tomato salsa piled onto a flat tortilla. How else could you eat it with a fork, [which] as any Frenchman can tell you is the proper way to do it?

Clues and answers

A.Staple of Northern Italian cuisineRISOTTO
B.Pink-nosed South American catOCELOT
C."Huh!?" (2 wds.)SAYWHAT
D.Game in which the highest trump is the "right bower"EUCHRE
E.Elementary teaching based on set theory (2 wds.)NEWMATH
F.Square cap worn by ecclesiasticsBIRETTA
G.Coloratura noted for her portrayal of Lakme (2 wds.)LILYPONS
H.Relocation resource since 1945 (hyph.)UHAUL
I.Walked in an affectedly dainty wayMINCED
J.Devoted follower or attendantACOLYTE
K.Relating to the chinGENIAL
L.Gold insignia for an Army or Marine Corps major (2 wds.)OAKLEAF
N.Field goal attempt with both feet planted (2 wds.)SETSHOT
O.Earth's tallest flowering plantEUCALYPTUS
P.Alcoholic beverage made from frozen fruitsICEWINE
Q.Arctic denizen whose male has a long, spiral tuskNARWHAL
R.Slight speck, smidgenTITTLE
S.Clay/iron oxide mixture, used as a pigmentOCHER
T.Targeting an affluent clienteleUPSCALE
U.Suffer public humiliationLOSEFACE
V.Virginia Woolf novel spanning 1588-1928ORLANDO
W."McPaper," to detractors (two wds.)USATODAY
X.Five lines for a musicianSTAFF
Y.Use for powdered malachite, in ancient Egypt (2 wds.)EYESHADOW
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