Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 21, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


THE WPA GUIDE TO FLORIDA — Diddy-Wah-Diddy ... is a place of no work and no worry. ... The road to it is so crooked that a mule pulling a load of fodder can eat off the... wagon as he plods along. All curbstones are chairs, and all food is already cooked.

Clues and answers

A.Plaything whose name is famously hard to say five times fast (2 wds.)TOYBOAT
B.Southwestern spreadHACIENDA
C.Country crooner called the Tennessee Plowboy (2 wds.)EDDYARNOLD
D.Major London Underground stationWATERLOO
E.Tranquil, undisturbedPLACID
F.Actor with the title role in "Shane" (2 wds.)ALANLADD
G.Action that may stimulate or startleGOOSING
H.Medium used for scanning organsULTRASOUND
I.By its very nature (2 wds.)IPSOFACTO
J.Apocalyptic event prophesied by Nostradamus and othersDOOMSDAY
K.A dressing down or bawling outEARFUL
L.Apple polisher (2 wds.)TEACHERSPET
M.Sobriquet of President Andrew Jackson (2 wds.)OLDHICKORY
N."A ___ is nothing but an induced epidemic" (G. B. Shaw)FASHION
O.Samurai or chauffeur, e.g.LOANWORD
P.Members of the Three Link Fraternity (2 wds.)ODDFELLOWS
Q.College named after the woman who established the first scholarship at HarvardRADCLIFFE
R.Auden's collaborator on "The Ascent of F6" ISHERWOOD
S.Period following the sack of Rome (2 wds.)DARKAGES
T.Pharaoh whose wife was NefertitiAKHENATON
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