Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 20, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(CHRISTOPHER) STEVENS, WRITTEN IN STONE — Why is an acrobat like a horse?... [A] monosyllabic sound used by Neolithic farmers... to signify something quick... or piercing... was ak and it has survived into English... in... acute... acrostic... acerbic... acrimony... equine and equestrian.

Clues and answers

A."The Say Hey Kid" for Willie Mays, e.g.SOBRIQUET
B.Act of defiance by the Sons of Liberty (2 wds.)TEAPARTY
C.Problem in a canal?EARACHE
D.Police unit for busting pimps and pushers (2 wds.)VICESQUAD
E.Writer of the script for "The Birdcage" (2 wds.)ELAINEMAY
F.Human bone that resembles a small boatNAVICULAR
G.Noises heard during a chase sceneSIRENS
H.Class clown's remarks WISECRACKS
I.Downers for the Carpenters in 1971 (2 wds.)RAINYDAYS
J.One too often up and not often enough outINSOMNIAC
K.Stone in the dome of many a mosqueTURQUOISE
L.Item for wintertime funTOBOGGAN
M.A drop in the ocean? (2 wds.)EBBTIDE
N.Meaning of one of the icons over an airplane seat (2 wds.)NOSMOKING
O.Novel narrated by an emperor (2 wds.)ICLAUDIUS
P.Male actor with the most Academy Award nominations (12)NICHOLSON
Q.Impediment to looking back (2 wds.)STIFFNECK
R.Condition at 30,000 feet (2 wds.)THINAIR
S.Government by a small groupOLIGARCHY
T.Transitional phrase from a news anchor (2 wds.)NOWTHIS
U.Sand dollar, sea cucumber or starfishECHINODERM
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